2018 USATF-NE Road Race Grand Prix Series Selected

The votes are in and the finalized 2018 Grand Prix slate is as follows:  

March 18: New Bedford Half Marathon (New Bedford MA)
March 31: Frank Nealon 15K (Upton MA)
June 17, Ribfest 5M (Merrimack NH)
August 25, New Hampshire 10 Miler (Auburn NH)
September 16, CVS Downtown 5K (Providence RI)
September 30, Lone Gull 10K (Gloucester MA)
October 21, Baystate Marathon (Lowell MA)
We wish to thank all the races which bid along with those people who helped recruit races and engaged in the selection process.  A big thanks to the 538 of you who voted and helped determine the series!  We were able to create strong slates due to the quality of the bidding races and as a result have an excellent lineup for the 2018 Grand Prix. 

The winning 5-race slate (Slate 1) captured 43.3% of the vote, with 29.6% for Slate 2 and 27.1% for Slate 3.  Thus, while all slates received solid support, we had a clear winner.   In the Wild Card, 55.6% voted for the New Hampshire 10 Miler.   The marathon was particularly close, with Bay State capturing 34.4% of the vote, Cape Cod, 29.9%, and Vermont City 27.0%.   “No Preference” tallied 8.7%, the point of which was to reduce the voting impact of members not expecting to run the marathon.
Six of the winning races were in the 2017 series (though the Frank Nealon 15 km was cancelled due to weather so is a essentially a new race).  The verified vote, posted on http://www.usatfne.org/road/gp.html, shows the races in the other two slates, some of them new to the Grand Prix bid process, received significant support.  We realize how the slates were constructed might have affected the vote.  The process we used is described on the USATF-NE Grand Prix page. 

We know any process in selecting a series will have its flaws and we will continue to refine it in the coming years, with our goal being to achieve a quality racing series that is as spread out throughout the year, as well as geographically. Should you have comments or suggestions about our selection process, we appreciate you reaching out directly to us at gp@usatfne.org. 
Your USATF-NE LDR Committee Chairs. 
Scott Mindel, Men’s Chair
Jennifer Mortimer, Women’s Chair
Gordon MacFarland, Masters Chair