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Event Logo 2020 USATF New England Relay Challenge
Monday, July 13, 2020 - Monday, September 7, 2020
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Any Track
AnyTown - NH, RI, VT, MA
On-Time Entry Deadline: 9/7/2020 11:55:00 PM
Late Entry Deadline: 9/7/2020 11:55:00 PM

USATF-New England Relay Challenge 1 - July 13 to September 7, 2020

With most tracks again open for recreation, and clubs regrouping for workouts, USATF-NE is
offering relay challenges in July and August for USATF-NE club runners age 13 and older.  
The summer events are a distance medley (1200/400/800/1600), a 2 runner 5 Mile relay, and starting August 3, a 4 x 400m relay.
There's no entry fee.  

These events are intended to help competitors stay active and motivated while training in a small group, as well as to add interest to a workout during a time of no competition.
Please follow all Covid-19 regulations and restrictions set by your state, municipality, and facility management.  
Clubs should be running these as time trials, not multi-team inter-club competition

Entry Fee:  NONE
   Distance Medley Relay (1200 400 800 1600)
   2-runner 5 Mile Relay
   4 x 400m Relay
    Women, Men.   Mixed in 5 Mile relay, Mixed 2m / 2f in 4 x 400 
Age divisons:    
   Junior - age 13 through 18
   Adult 18 and up 
Participation requirements: 
   USATF member club (no unattached, no non-USATF clubs)
   Participants must be bona fide members of the club
   Clubs can enter as many team performances as they wish
   Only two times may be submitted in any week by a team and only one time per day.
Distance Medley  
    DMR teams may use a pool of up to 6 runners from the club for the month, with 4 running in any race and may submit any number of times from combinations among the 6 on the roster.
     4 x 400 can run any number of combinations of M, W or mixed
     Runners may run different legs in different relays.

2-Runner 5 Mile 
      A runner may only compete on one 2-runner men's or women's team, as well as on one mixed M/F team. 
      Example - one person cannot run with 3 different partners for 3 different 'teams'
      The duo may run multiple relays and submit multiple times.
Exchange Zones:
     No batons or hand-slapping.  Exchange is at the start/finish line 
     Incoming runners move to lanes 5-6. 
     When the incoming runner reaches finish line, the next leg can start.
Facility Management Notes
     Follow all state and local regulations regarding group gathering size
     Non-participants except timers/recorders should be outside the outer lane of the track 
     Spectators must be in the stands or outside the track, distanced, and should wear masks / face coverings. 
     If multiple heats are necessary, clubs should pre-schedule teams (6, 6:30, etc)

     A non-competing team rep must record the legs for 4 runner relays or lap times (2R5M)
     Results must be submitted within 5 days of run.  
     Information required is
     - Date, time, location of performance.  
     - Club name, and designation (A, B, Masters, Scholastic)
     - First and last name and age of each leg in order 
     - Split for each leg as well as final time. 
     - Club contact name and email

Relay Particulars
     Order is 1200 - 400 - 800 - 1600
     Each leg time must be recorded by a non-participant.
4 x 400 
     4 runners.  Co-ed teams may run any order of M/F, but must have 2F and 2M
     2-runner teams alternate laps on a track, each running 10 400's
     As tracks are now 400 meters, 20 laps is just short of 5 miles. 
     To make up for the missing 45+ meters, The first leg starts 50 meters before the common finish, runs to the finish, and completes their first 400 meter lap (running a total of 450 meters).  
     Thereafter, runners alternate 400 meter laps, each running 10 laps to total 5 miles. .
     Each lap time must be recorded by a non-participant
Results with leg or lap times must be submitted
using the online form available here after July 20
or by email to,   Subject:  July Relay