Feature Club of the Month: Sole Sisters Running Club

usatf3.jpgJill Chisholm started Sole Sisters Running Club with the intention of meeting local running that enjoyed running as much as she did. While she had been a member of another local club, she found with three young kids, all her runs had to be done in the early morning. In 2013, Chisholm started a Facebook page, and by 2015 they were an official USATF and RRCA member club.

Chisholm herself is a 46 year old mother of 3 teenage boys. She's completed 7 marathons, and will be running the 2018 Boston Marathon as a first time qualifier. In 2011, she ran Boston as a Charity Runner, and initially thought it would be a "one and done." After spending the time training for the marathon, she fell in love with running and was hooked.

Sole Sisters Running Club is unique in that it is an all female club. A majority of the members are mothers with busy work and family schedules. "When I made the decision to start competing at USATF events, I asked my members to join and sign up for the New Bedford Half Marathon. I knew many were hesitant and unsure about competing in a USATF race. Nevertheless, I had 30 members join and compete that day, because they knew it was important to the club. It meant so much to me to see us strongly represented at our first USATF-NE competition," explained Chisholm.

usatf2-(1).jpgIt's that dedication and encouragement from members that is Chisholm's favorite aspect of the club. On any given day you can find someone to run with. Their private Facebook page for members only is filled with advice, posts looking for running partners, good shopping bargains and more. "When one of us buys a great pair of leggings, you may see the rest of us wearing them too," laughs Chisholm.

Another one of Chisholm's favorite part of Sole Sisters, is seeing all the accomplishments from her runners. "I find it so gratifying to hear their stories. Many of them were never runners before joining Sole Sisters, and are now competing in 5K's, 10K's, half marathons and marathons. It is amazing to watch the growth of these runners and see these women transforming into the athletes they did not know they could be," explained Chisholm.

usatf1.jpgAs the founder of the club, Chisholm certainly gets the credit for starting Sole Sisters, but she says it would not be what it is today without the commitment and dedication from all her members. "I am lucky to be surrounded by women that are just as passionate about Sole Sisters and running as I am. I am truly grateful for all the support I receive from them every day. I think surrounding yourself with positive, supporting, inspiring people can be incredibly powerful and life changing.

Sole Sisters Running Club will be hosting their first 5K road race on Saturday, December 7th. For more information, head over to their public Facebook page here.