Felty Named 2018 December Athlete of the Month


USA Track & Field New England happily announces Aiden Felty of Innovation Academy as our December Athlete of the Month! Aiden earned this award after numerous high school record breaking performances in the shot put! Recently, Aiden crushed the all time Massachusetts and New England High School Shot Put Record. At the Boston Holiday Challenge, Aiden put a shot 67-00 (20.02). This performance broke the previous New England Record of 65-04, set by Dan Guiliani of Maine. Felty followed up this amazing performance with a shot that broke 63ft at the Dartmouth Relays this past weekend. Please read the attached interview for Aiden’s full response and debrief.  

1) Could you tell me a bit about your performance at the Boston Holiday Challenge? Could you tell me a bit about your mindset heading into the race i.e what you were hoping to accomplish, any goals you had set for yourself?

At the Boston Holiday Challenge I was able to put together a phenomenal series of throws in the shot put, which combined beat the Massachusetts State Record and the New England Record twice. I Ended the series with a legal throw of 67’, which currently is the US #1 throw in the country by over 5 feet. As I was heading into the meet my only goal was to put on a show and perform for the crowd. I believe that if you don’t get the crowd excited and involved while watching, you are doing a disservice to the sport. I wanted my family, friends and coaches to enjoy the meet. I honestly was not looking for a monster throw, but when the adrenaline kicks in and I get in the zone anything can happen. Every time I stepped in the ring after the 67’ throw I was trying to extend my lead and I ended up chasing some big throws, which sadly I fouled. In general this meet was perfect for me and I ended with the best result I thought possible.


2) What is your favorite event to compete in?

My favorite event to compete in is the shot put, but I am bias because that is the event I am best at. When the outdoor season comes around I also throw the discus, which is a nice break for me mentally after focusing on shot put for so long. I plan on having a pretty eye opening season in the discus this year, but either way I will still have shot put to fall back on.


3) What are some of your favorite things to do outside of running?

If I am not in the weight room or the circle I am usually with friends or family. Every Thursday night my family and I go and play trivia at a local restaurant in my hometown. Also, in my free time I love to play disc golf with my track coach and friends. We tend to go on the weekends when the weather is nice. As a thrower one of my favorite activities is finding new places to enjoy different types of food. Sushi is my favorite type of food, so I tend to lean more towards sushi joints.


4) What’s up next for you? Any competitions on the horizon that you will be running in?

In the future I intend to compete at the Dartmouth Relays, New Balance Nationals and all championship style competitions in Massachusetts. I try to stay local, so I can focus on my training for each competition instead of wearing myself out. I prefer to make major technical changes before heading into a competition, so I tend to have only around 8 competitions a season. Also, I prefer to compete locally. I know all of the guys I throw with. I know the officials and coaches and I think Boston is a great environment to have meets at. I prefer that circle and that crowd to cheer me on every time I compete.


5) Do you have any long term goals? Compete in college, learn a new throwing technique, or continue to improve?

I have two main goals this season. I have one main goal to become All-American at nationals because that has been a lifetime goal of mine and I think it would make my dad incredibly proud. He has gone to all of my major competitions and I know he wants to see me wear that paper crown, while standing on the podium in New York. My other goal is just to have fun with this season. I have committed to Duke University where I plan to continue my career as a shot putter, so college stress is gone. I have no worries and it is about how far you throw because that is what you will be remembered for. People remember one throw, not your whole season, so I plan to take it smooth and continue to improve.


6) Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to say that I have enjoyed my time at Innovation Academy. Between the support from my teachers, coaches and friends it has truly given me opportunities that I would not have been exposed too. My school has always supported my decision to pursue my dreams and hopes for my future career and I can’t thank my teammates and coaches enough. I have had a blast through out my time here and I think this opportunity has made me a better person. I have learned the meaning of defeat and success and how to balance the two and continue forward. I would just like to say thank you to all the people who have supported me and believe in me. Thank you.