Lucy Jenks is USATF-NE Athlete of the Month for January 2020

Following a win at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Junior Mile, Lucy Jenks (Newton South High School, Newton MA) is the USATF-New England (USATF-NE) Athlete of the Month for January 2020. 

Finishing in 4:47.83, she won by two seconds over a national field, and the time was good for #2 in the country.  Additionally, Lucy ran recorded a 1000 meters time of 2:48.97 on January 31 in a Dual County League competition which was the fastest time in the country at the time.  
USATF-New England spoke with Lucy about her performances.
USATF-NE: What does it mean to you to be top 2 in the country in both the mile and the 1000m?
LJ: It is super cool to be top 2 for both the mile and 1000m in the country. I have put in a lot of hard work over the past few seasons so it is awesome to see it pay off. It is still somewhat early in the season, with nationals not being until March, so it gives me confidence for what’s to come, but also reminds me to keep working hard for the bigger meets to come.
How have you matched your training to meet your needs?
LJ: My training over the past few months has involved in me increasing my mileage compared to last year and also sometimes adding a bit more to my workouts. Running cross country this fall provided me with a fitness base going into indoor that I have never had before, so that has definitely been a beneficial factor. Also, my training has helped me get comfortable running faster paces so when I am in a race I can think back to workouts where I have already replicated the pace and intensity.
Who would you like to thank?
LJ: I would like to thank my coach who makes running pressure free and enjoyable, while also providing me with all of the tools needed to perform well. We have a really great relationship built on trust and he always knows how to instill confidence in me even if I am struggling to believe in myself. I would also like to thank my teammates who are very supportive of me and make coming to practice the highlight of my day. Lastly, I want to thank my parents and siblings who are invested in my running, but also give me purpose and fulfillment outside of the sport.
What’s next for you?
LJ: What’s next for me is competing in the league and state meets individually, but also on relays with my teammates. I am also planning on running the mile and 4x800 at nationals. Becoming an all-American with my teammates on the 4x800 would be super special.