Mann & Serafini Run Sub 4 Minute Miles

Screen-Shot-2018-03-08-at-2-11-50-PM-copy.pngAt the B.U. Last Chance on Sunday, February 25, Jordan Mann of Ocean State Athletic Club and Louis Serafini of Tracksmith Hare both ran sub 4 minute miles. Mann ran a 3:58.94 in the first heat, while Serafini crossed the finish line in 3:59.33 in the second heat.

Going into the race, Mann felt pretty nervous. He had run a 4:03 1600m while pacing the 3000 meters at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, and his personal best in the mile was 4:03 which he had run two years prior. Serafini, on the other hand, felt confident and prepared. After running a 4:02 mile where he lead the majority of the race, he felt a sub 4 minute mile was coming soon.

Screen-Shot-2018-03-08-at-2-11-12-PM-copy-(1).png"The race plan was to go out and expend as little energy as possible for the first half of the race, and then in the words of my coach, Randy, 'be aggressive with 3 laps to go and be excited with 2 laps to go.' That's what I did, and it worked," explained Serafini.

Both runners plan to focus on more races on the track than on the road in the near future. Serafini plans on setting personal records in the 5K and 10K, while Mann is looking forward to his main event outdoors, the steeplechase. 

When they're not training, both guys spend a majority of their time working. When Serafini isn't working, he's coaching and recovering. On the off chance he has an off day, he spends it with his friends and roommates. Mann enjoys writing; while he mostly writes thought pieces, he has also attempted fiction and poetry.

For those looking to run a sub 4 minute mile, or those hoping to break a 6 minute mile, Mann's advice is the same. "Make the last spot on the varsity team, or just push their body to its limit on the track. Listen to your coach, because they probably know better than you. Have fun, and focus on competing hard and pushing your body, not trying to run a certain time," Mann said.

Serafini's biggest tip for those looking to hit that next personal best is consistency. "Consistency is key," he says, "I don't do anything super fancy - a speed workout, a tempo run and a long run. That formula works, so I stick to it. If you're focused on the goal and you execute your workouts, the results will come."