Nancy Corsaro is USATF-NE May 2020 Athlete of the Month

With competitions shut down for the foreseeable future, USATF-NE continues the Athlete of the Month program to recognize members with long term successes in our events, series, and programs. 
Nancy Corsaro (Whirlaway Racing Team/Methuen, MA) is the USATF-New England (USATF-NE) Athlete of the Month for May 2020 in recognition of her career accolades as a distance runner.

Corsaro was Whirlaway Racing’s first female runner in 1984. “I look at her as the foundation of Whirlaway’s women’s racing team,” said her coach, Dave Kazanjian.  Kazanjian said he views Nancy as a silent leader for Whirlaway. As one of the premier women’s distance runners in the mid-80’s, her teammates are encouraged by her presence. Corsaro finished in the top 15 at the Boston Marathon twice, but Kazanjian said he’d put her race at the 1988 Olympic Marathon Trials in Pittsburgh as her best performance. Corsaro finished in the top 25 with a time of 2:40:25. Performances like these are why Kazanjian says her reputation precedes her.
In 1986, Corsaro won the New England Road Race Grand Prix as an open runner with 42 points—the next closest competitor scored only 17. Since then, she has won her age division five more times in four different age divisions including the 2019 60-64 title.

When asked how he would describe Corsaro, the first attributes that came to mind were dedicated, disciplined, and tough. Her continued success backs these attributes up. Aside from winning the New England Road Race Grand Prix in three different decades, Corsaro has been a multiple-time Ironrunner. The durability and longevity characterizing her career are remarkable.
“Sometimes people are hot for three or four years, but to do it over 35 years is incredible.  To be the only athlete, male or female, to win like that in four different decades is amazing.”
USATF-NE spoke with Nancy about her accomplishments
USATF-NE: How did you connect with Whirlaway?
NC: In 1984, Dave was just starting a team. I had run Boston for the first time. I had run a race in Amesbury, and Dave saw my name in the results. I came into his store one day and he started talking to me about the team, and he convinced me to join. 
- You’ve been doing this for 35 years now, what’s the secret to your durability over the years?

NC: I’ve been really lucky to stay healthy. I’ve had plenty of injuries, but I take a lot of downtime with them to recover.
- What are your favorite races that you’ve competed in?
NC: I love running the Grand Prix with Whirlaway. Everyone’s really competitive, so it’s always nice to be on a team that comes out close to the top. The Boston Marathon is always great to compete in, too, because it’s great to compete as a team and we always do well.
- How is your husband, Frank, supportive of you?
NC: We actually met at a road race back in 1984. He’s also a runner, so he’s always been very supportive of me and my training.
- You’ve racked up a long list of accomplishments in your career as a runner. Which of these are you most proud of?
NC: I would say being on Whirlaway’s Boston Marathon team in 2010. We won the master’s division title, and the marathon is such a big deal, so it was a great moment.
- What’s next for you?
NC: I’d love to be able to run a race again, or just see my teammates. I’ve met so many wonderful people through racing, I’d love to get back out there.