USATF-NE Covid-19 Resource Page - Return to practice and competition policies

6/2 - USATF Return to Practice/Competition documents added to resource page (link below)

As states open or expand openings of facilities, the ability to hold group practicies under various phases of openings will depend on following state and local restrictions.   Sport participation may be characterized by risk level, and youth sports may have more specific restrictions. 

The New England association covers 4 states, and openings vary by state, though general policies are similar. 

USATF-NE has collected many federal, state, and program specific resources onto a single reference page.   With procedure and dates at all levels from federal to community changing almost daily, this list is not exhaustive, but does provide material so clubs can prepare the materials needed for resuming their practice sesssions. 

The resource page is found at

Clubs are also reminded to submit their club practice information as soon as possible to USATF on their club membership record (which may also require update with the new USATF Connect registration system.