Rachel Hyland is April Athlete of the Month

30167235_10213375427592731_7761744717505867842_o.jpgThe 2018 USATF New England April Athlete of the Month is Rachel Hyland of the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.). Hyland placed fourth at the 2018 Boston Marathon with a time of 2:44:29. Hyland, a full time Spanish teacher at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA was hoping to just place within the top 20 on April 16th. "I was hoping to run a 2:38-2:40," explained Hyland, "Once I saw the weather forecast, I knew I needed to adjust my goals. I ended up running by feel, and did not take any mile splits during the race."

Going into mile 21, Hyland recalls hearing her husband Sean yell she was in 8th place, but she convinced herself he said 18th, because she could not believe she was in 8th. So much so that when she passed Shalane Flanagan around mile 24, she did a double take to make sure she was not in some kind of "marathon delirium."

Hyland favorite distance to compete is the marathon, solely because of her respect for the distance and careful preparation that goes into training. "
The marathon is such a tough beast; it knocks you down and breaks you over and over again, until you ask yourself why you even bother fighting. And then you realize that lining up is a huge privilege, and that each time you show up to a race, you get stronger. So, like Desi, you “keep showing up,” knowing that one day all the work will pay off," says Hyland.

Outside of training, Hyland's true passion comes from teaching. She loves moving around the classroom and speaking in Spanish. So much so, that soon she will be taking a group of her students to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a Spanish language immersion program.