Scott Mindel Voted 2018 USATFNE October Athlete of the Month

Brighton, MA
October 2018

USATF New England happily announces Scott Mindel of the Central Mass Striders as our October 2018 Athlete of the Month.  Scott won the Baystate Marathon in a 2:23:51, running solo the entire way - not an easy task!  Scott has been a face at the major road races in the New England area, and has made his name known throughout New England. On top of this, Scott also was the first overall open finisher in the USATF-NE All Terrain Runner Series, a schedule of races that tested athletes across all forms of running terrain: Mountain, Trail, Road, Track, and Cross Country. Next up for Scott is the Stockade-athon 15K in Schenectady, New York on November 11th.

Scott currently sits on the USATF New England Board of Directors as Men’s Long Distance Chair. His accomplishments on the board include organizing a Northeast Associations Cup competition featuring athletes and clubs from three USATF Associations: New England, Connecticut, and Adirondack. Scott was also instrumental in re-launching the All Terrain Runner Series, which will be back in 2019.

Outside of the running world, Scott works as an acoustic engineer and is an avid Cincinnati Bearcats fan - his alma mater. He enjoys video games and heading to Pittsburgh to catch up with friends and cheer on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Scott lives in Massachusetts with his wife Sasha, and will soon be a father!


1) Could you tell me a bit about your race at the Baystate Marathon? Could you tell me a bit about your mindset heading into the race? (i.e what you were hoping to accomplish, any goals you had set for yourself)

Baystate went pretty much as I expected. My goal was to win and break 2:24 so I accomplished both. I knew the course could be fast and especially running by myself, I knew I had to run a smart, controlled race. Luckily, I was able to settle into a good rhythm and not really let the loneliness or wind affect me too much.

2) In addition to winning the Baystate Marathon, you were also the first place finisher in our ATR series. Can you talk about how this finish makes you feel and how you trained for races on every terrain?

ATR was actually one of the main reasons that I left my former club team in New York (Willow Street) when I moved to Massachusetts. Unfortunately, I wasn't actually able to finish it until this year. I always like to try new things, even if I am not great at them. I have become a much stronger runner from the trails and mountains, and been able to get PR's in shorter distances in my 30's from the track work. It has made me a more well rounded runner.

3) What is your favorite event to compete in?

The marathon is definitely my favorite event. Obviously I can't race it as much as other races, but my training year round is focused to help me make a better marathoner and hopefully hitting the Olympic Marathon Trials like my wife did in 2016.

4) What are some of your favorite things to do outside of running?

I am really into sports, travel, and video games. I try and go to at least one Cincinnati Bearcats football and basketball game a year (my alma mater) as well as going to Pittsburgh to hang out with my college teammate and go to a Pittsburgh Penguins game. I also try and make it out to Colorado every year, I love hiking 14k'ers out there and seeing my friends that live there.

5) What’s up next for you? Any races on the horizon that you will be running in?

I am running the Stockade-athon back where I grew up in upstate New York on the 11th and the Feaster Five mile on Thanksgiving. After that will be getting in a good base with lots of work in the Newton hills to prep me for my next marathon, tentatively the Pittsburgh Marathon in May.

6) You currently serve on the Board of USATF New England as our Men's Long Distance Chair. Can you talk about how being an active and successful athlete affects your views and beliefs, and what you would like to accomplish on the board?

I ran for a position on the board three years ago to help give opportunities for the talented individuals we have in the region to succeed at the next level. I have worked with providing individual prize money to reward our athletes that excel at the Grand Prix series as well as trying to work on getting our top athletes potential travel assistance to National Championships. At the national annual meeting, I was able to explain the experiences that many of the athletes had at the Marathon Trials in Los Angeles in 2016 as well as fight to keep the marathon qualifying window from shrinking to give our members the best chance to qualify. I also have worked with surrounding associations to get a combined race where teams, individuals, and associations as a whole can compete against each other in new ways.

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