USATF-NE Summer Relay Challenge - UPDATED

1 August 2020  (UPDATED)

With tracks again mostly open for workouts and still few opportunities to compete, USATF New England is offering a series of track relay races to provide some motivation, interest, and fun to club track sessions while training in a small groups. 


The USATF-NE Relay Challenge takes place from July 15 through September 7 and
offer three events
- a Distance Medley Relay (4 runners - 1200-400-800-1600)
- a 2 Runner 5 Mile Relay with each runner covering 10 x 400 meters, alternating laps with a single partner.
- a 4 x 400 Relay beginning August 1 
USATF member clubs compete on their 'home track' and may  enter as many teams and performances as they wish.

The 5 mile relay alternates laps, and will have men's, women's, and mixed divisions
Results will be posted on a website ranking ladder as received  

The distance medley and 4x400 teams may submit women's, men's, and mixed (2/2) teams

Divisons in both relays are Youth age 13-18  and  Open. 
Open rankings will note masters age but won't separately broken out in this first time event. 

Instructions and Rules are found at the Relay Event Page.
Please follow all regulations and restrictions regarding Covid-19 set by your state, municipality, and facility.  These are meant to run as club practice sessions, not as inter-club competitions run at one time. 

A September Challenge is planned to finish the summer.