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SCORING: Runners score points based on their time as a percentage of the winner's overall time, making every second count! For example, a winning time of 41:08 gets 100.00 points; a time of 42:21 is worth 97.13, and 1:20:32 gets 51.08 (the winning time being just about 50 percent of that runner's time). Women's scoring is now based on 100.00 points for the first female finisher. A runner's top 6 of 8 races are totaled.


SCORING ELIGIBILITY CUTOFF: Because the primary goals of the series are to promote the sport of Mountain Running and encourage membership in USATF, runners' scores for all races they participate in will be counted in scoring if they join USATF before the start of the second event in the circuit. This year's 2nd race is Wachusett. To join or renew your USATF membership, go here.


AWARDS: Runners who complete six of the eight races in the circuit and who are USATF Members are awarded "Mountain Goat" status.

BYPASS THE MOUNTAIN WASHINGTON ROAD RACE LOTTERY:  Runners who achieve mountain goat status for 2018 can bypass the 2019 Mount Washington Road race Lottery.

SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT BRETTON WOODS SCORING FOR THE MOUNTAIN CIRCUIT:  Bretton Woods now has THREE racing options but you can only have one of the three races count towards your Mountain Goat Status. If you go into Bretton Woods weekend with only 3 races completed, you cannot do 2 races at Bretton Woods to satisfy your goat status.


As a USATF-New England program, circuit scoring eligibility is limited to individuals who are USATF members. Though all races are open to all runners, USATF membership is required to score and win awards in the circuit. If you have additional questions, feel free to email or call the USATF-NE office, (617) 566-7600.


The circuit was founded by Dave Dunham and continues under current USATF-NE Mountain / Trail Running chairman Paul Kirsch. Series Founder Dave Dunham still does the scoring for the series. Thanks for your interest in Mountain Running!