If you are already a mountain goat or hope to be one by Bretton Woods, please fill out the tshirt sizing form at this link ASAP: T-Shirt link

1/18/2017   Trail Running - 50 km Trail Championships Announced 
The USATF New England 50 km Trail Championships will be held on August 13 in Sunapee, NH
It will be held as  part of the Ragged 50 km.  Championship website

1/18/2017   Mountain Circuit - Betton Woods 
Bretton Woods now has THREE racing options but you can only have one of the three races count towards your Mountain Goat Status.

If you go into Bretton Woods weekend with only 3 races completed, you cannot do 2 races at Bretton Woods to satisfy your goat status.

Sept 30th at Bretton Woods will feature an uphill only event.  If you participate in this race, it gives you 1 point for Mountain Goat Status.
October 1st at Bretton Woods will feature the short course and long courses like other years.  
The Short Course gives you 1 point in series standings and counts towards your 5 of 7 races.  
The Long course gives you traditional scoring points and counts towards your 5 of 7 races.
Can I run the races on Saturday and Sunday?  Sure, but only one will count towards your Mountain Goat Status. We hope people will run both days to make a weekend out of it!

1/18/2017    Mountain Circuit News - Team Scoring 
We will be doing team scoring again this year.  We will be scoring the top 5 Open, top 3 Masters and top 3 Seniors, Men and Women towards Team Scoring.  Team members can score down (e.g. if you have a Masters runner who is your 3rd fastest runner, it could count towards Open scoring).  Note that the team you will be scored under will be your USATF Team.  If you are not sure what your USATF Team is, you can look up your number and edit your profile to see it. 
Please note the scoring rules for 2017 Mountain Circuit below. You must have a current 2017 USATF Membership before the second race of the circuit. CLICK to join or renew your USATF membership.