The USATF-NE Grant Program, established in 2008, promotes excellence in USATF disciplines by supporting athletes, clubs, and programs of the association, with an objective of increasing membership, participation, and status of the sport.

The grant program is open to USATF members and/or USATF-NE member clubs only, and has three aspects - program, travel/coaching, and youth.

Due dates for all grants are April 15, August 15, and December 15 of the year. Decisions will be made shortly after those dates. Each grant also has an annual award limit.
Complete information and applications for each grant type can be found below. Contact USATF-NE board member Mike Travers  with any questions on the programs.

USATF New England Program Innovation Grants

Program Innovation Grants are designed assist member organizations to start and grow traditional and innovative programs in the disciplines covered by USATF to benefit the sports' community,

USATF New England Travel and Coaching Grants

These grants help member athletes, coaches, and clubs pay for travel to national or international competition or to attend USATF coaching education school

USATF New England Marja Bakker Youth Fund Grants

Funded through a bequest from the estate of the late USATF-NE past president Marja Bakker, the fund supports youth track & field and cross country initiatives benefiting a large number of participants. Grants exclude travel expenses and personal equipment.

USATF National Youth Club Grants

USATF has two ongoing youth grants for clubs.

  • The Mark Springer Travel Grant is for travel to the several USATF National Youth Championship events. A history of participation at association, regional, and National events is considered.
  • USATF Foundation Youth Grant (managed separately from USATF) support and expand high quality programs that attract diverse participation, with a focus on low-income communities. Clubs must have non-profit status to apply.